What is Yoga?

The word Yoga means “to yoke together” or to create a union. Yoga is a time-honored practice originally developed in India over 6000 years ago. The practice of yoga was intended to quiet the mind of the practitioner, and thus, to reduce his or her suffering. With consistent practice, the physical practice of yoga or “hatha yoga” has been proven to have incredible physiological, mental, and spiritual benefits.

Movement and the holding of postures are coordinated with breathing techniques to create strength, flexibility, and agility in the body and provide a peaceful mind and a wonderful sense of well-being. Yoga enhances all systems of the body; respiratory, circulatory, and nervous while lubricating the joints for better mobility and, often the alleviation of pain.

Yoga supports your daily activities, as well as enhancing athletic ability. Vinyasa yoga classes provide cardio conditioning while creating a toned, muscular appearance and a healthy, optimally functioning body. Yoga practitioners claim to experience a deep inner stillness that arrives when the mind is at peace, the body is free from stress, and the emotions are in harmony with the needs of the moment. Yoga can be practiced by people of all ages, all body types, and all levels of fitness.  

The Benefits Of Yoga:

Stress reduction  

Increased strength & stamina  

Improved balance & flexibility  

Alleviation of pain  

Sense of well-being  


Management of chronic conditions   

Decreased depression, anxiety, and insomnia  

“It takes time for a fruit to mature and acquire sweetness and become edible; time is a prime factor for most good fortunes.” 

– Atharvaveda  

Note: If you are currently practicing yoga or are just beginning your practice, please remember that it is not a contest and there is nothing you have to perfect, prove or accomplish (don’t you have enough of that in your life already?) 

  • The postures are more about connection than perfection; more about exploration than expectation. 
  • You may be asked to relax, and to let go of your to-do list. You may be asked to notice your body. 
  • You may start to realize that if you are not in your body, you are not in your life. 
  • You may be asked to breathe. Breath is the tool that takes you where you want to go. 
  • Be patient and watchful and tender. 
Yoga Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga 

(Open to all): A refreshing blend of asana that includes breath awareness, restorative postures & gentle movement. Explore how the breath can be used to bring a meditative aspect to both stillness and movement, creating an atmosphere for renewal. 


Gentle Yoga: Flow 

(Open to all) A gentle yoga class that includes an intro to vinyasa flow, which combines attention to the breath, synchronized with gentle, flowing, therapeutic movement. 


Gentle Yoga: Openings 

(Open to all): Developed to specifically promote deep openings in the body. The intensive use of props aids in slowly opening tight places. (It is not unusual to spend the entire class lying down!) 


Gentle Yoga: Yin 

(Open to all): Focusing on long-held, deeply relaxing, “stretching” seated poses combined with attention to the breath, Yin Yoga goes deep into the connective tissues (bones, joints, fascia) with emphasis on the hips, pelvis, and lower back. Benefits include a greater range of motion & flexibility, improved circulation, deeper relaxation & release of tension. In “yin” yoga the pose is typically held for 3 to 5 min, allowing for deep tissue opening. 


Vinyasa Flow: All Levels 

(Open to all except new beginners) A balanced, flowing series of poses, awakens the breath, balances the body, and creates flexibility & strength. This warming, revitalizing vinyasa practice supports the various systems of the body while quieting the mind. Sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses, backbends, twists, and forward bends are used in unique combinations of pose/counterpose. 


Vinyasa Flow: Experienced 

(Intermediate/Advanced): Explore and refine foundational yoga asana at a deeper level. The ability to perform multiple sun salutations will enhance your experience. Asana poses are held longer to increase strength & endurance. Practices include pranayama, meditation, vinyasa krama, balancing postures, intro to inversions & deeper exploration of yoga philosophy. Students have the opportunity to use their intuition as they explore limitations & boundaries. 


Yoga Basics 

(Beginner) A continuous 9-week series, teaching basic postures to introduce movement, breathing, and relaxation techniques. Written material is offered to support your understanding of what you learn in class.